Continental Dialogue In Person and Virtual Meetings 2022

The 2022 Continental Dialogue on Non-native Forest Insects and Diseases will be held in two parts- one in person as a one day workshop, and the other a series of webinars similar to the 2021 Virtual Summit.

The in-person one day workshop will be held on September 20th 2022, in association with the Entomological Society of America, hosted by the Society of American Foresters National Convention in Baltimore MD. Registration for this workshop will be handled by SAF and is available now! Look for the Tuesday Workshop named “Protecting Trees and Forests from Invasive Pests through Collaborative Solutions(in some places it lists a shorter name “Protecting Trees and Forests from Invasive Pests”) available on the Registration page. The themes we hope to cover during this workshop are prevention at the largest scale- via mitigating pathways and enhancing partnerships at the international level to prevent the entry of forest pests and pathogens from overseas into North America. Nominations for speakers are welcome on the following continent-wide prevention and partnership themes;

  • Recent international research and cooperative efforts that shed new light on forest pests and pathogen risks
  • New publications and private-public partnerships regarding the international movement of solid wood packaging material
  • Systems and private-public partnerships regarding the international movement of plants for planting

Please reach out to Leigh Greenwood at The Nature Conservancy or Erin Cadwalader at Entomological Society of America if you have a suggested speaker for the September 20th workshop.

Separately, for the series of webinars, we will plan to structure 2 to 4 sessions in late November and/or early December 2022 that will cover different themes from the in-person workshop. Our webinar series in 2021 received a great deal of positive feedback and participation, so we will be pursuing this model again to provide accessible and travel-free conversations and connections for all. For the webinar series, we will discuss concepts such as; early detection, rapid response, management, pathways mitigation, and forest resilience within North America. Dates, themes, and speakers for the webinar series will be determined in early fall 2022 and posted here.