October 27-28th 2009

Fort Mason Center | San Francisco, CA

Meeting Summary

Meeting Materials


Panel #1: Impacts of Firewood Movement and Efforts to Reduce Impact

Panel #2: P. ramorum Movement to Distant States and Leaking into the Environment

Panel #3: State Action to Address Non-Federally Regulated Pests

Panel #4: Solid Wood Packaging as a Pathway – ISPM 15 as a Tool

Panel #5: Outreach and Education: Dealing with a Skeptical Public

  • Sudden Oak Death in Oregon
    Alan Kanaskie, Oregon Department of Forestry
  • Asian Longhorned Beetle in Massachusetts – (No PowerPoint)
    Colin Novick, Greater Worcester Land Trust
  • Light Brown Apple Moth in California – (No PowerPoint)
    Helene Wright, State Plant Health Director, USDA APHIS