Continental Dialogue Virtual Meeting December 2021

The 2021 Virtual Meeting of the Continental Dialogue was convened by The Nature Conservancy, in partnership with the Entomological Society of America, as a short series of webinars focused on partnerships in forest health, in the context of current strategic and planning needs. The goal of these conversations is to inform ongoing strategic planning for activities on behalf of The Nature Conservancy’s Continental Dialogue on Non-native Forest Insects and Diseases as well as the ESA’s Grand Challenges Agenda for Entomology. 

These webinars spanned from the prevention of introduction of new pests, through detection and management, all the way to resistant tree breeding and reforestation. Presentations are attached in PDF format per each talk, and the full session recording is listed with timestamps for convenience, below. Thank you to all our presenters and participants!

DECEMBER 7th: Tuesday, 2-5pm Eastern time. Theme: Before the Border

DECEMBER 8th: Wednesday, 2-5pm Eastern time. Theme: First Points of Contact

DECEMBER 14th: Tuesday, 2-5pm Eastern time. Theme: Better Detection through Partnerships

DECEMBER 15th: Wednesday, 2-5pm Eastern time. Theme: Through the Lens of Trees