Continental Dialogue Meeting November 2016

2016 Meeting Information, Indianapolis IN

Thank you to all who joined us in November!

Archive of Presentations:

Monday, November 14th

USFS Forest Health Protection Program Updates – Rick Cooksey, Deputy Director, Forest Health Protection, USFS

National and Regional Port of Entry Detections – Nikki Thomas, Director, Agriculture Safeguarding, Agriculture Programs and Trade Liaison Office of Field Operations, U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Compatibility of Insecticides and Biocontrol for Managing EAB in Urban Environments – Juli Gould & Gericke Cook, USDA APHIS PPQ,  Melissa Fierke and Michael Jones, SUNY ESF,  John Kaltenbach, Colorado Department of Agriculture, and  Dr. Fredric Miller, professor of horticulture in the Department of Agriculture and Horticulture Sciences at Joliet Junior College

APHIS Perspectives on Regional and National Developments – Scott Pfister, Ph.D., USDA APHIS, Laboratory Director

Habitat Network – Megan Whatton, The Nature Conservancy, Urban Habitat Network Manager

Industry Partnership in Pest Prevention: Systems to Approach to Nursery Certification (SANC)– Craig Reggelbrugge, VP, AmericanHort

IUCN Red Lists and forest health implications – Dr. Murphy Westwood, Tree Conservation Specialist, the Morton Arboretum, presented by Tricia Bethke, Forest Pest Outreach Coordinator, The Morton Arboretum.

National Plant Board Update– Piera Siegert, State Entomologist, New Hampshire

Spotted Lanternfly Community Response – John Baker, PA Department of Agriculture, Spotted Lanternfly Program Coordinator

Ohio Asian Longhorned Beetle Cooperative Eradication Program – Phillip M. Baldauf, PhD, USDA APHIS PPQ Asian Longhorned Beetle Eradication Project Manager, Ohio

Urban Tree Benefits – Joe McCarthy, Senior City Forester, Bureau of Forestry, Chicago, Illinois

Tuesday, November 15th

SLAM (Slowing Ash Mortality) -Deb McCullough, Dept. of Entomology and Dept. of Forestry at Michigan State University

Lingering & resistant ash & breeding hopes – Jennifer Koch, Research Biologist, USFS

Biocontrol at the APHIS Brighton Lab – Ben Slager, Supervisory Entomologist, USDA APHIS

An integrated approach to managing our EAB invasion – Lynne Rieske- Kinney, Professor of Forest Entomology, University of Kentucky

Healthy Trees, Healthy Cities App Developments-Healthy Trees, Healthy Cities App and Summary of Results of initial Beta Testing and Tree Health Monitoring- Bill Toomey, TNC and Dr. Rich Hallett, USFS NYC Urban Field Station

i-Tree: tools for pest detection, reporting vulnerability, and forecasting damage – Alexis Ellis, Research Urban Forester, The Davey Institute

Growing urban forestry awareness, outreach and education – Lynne Rieske- Kinney, Professor of Forest Entomology, University of Kentucky

Progress and Policy Update regarding Farm Bill Coalition – Scott Cameron, President of the Reduce Risks from Invasive Species Coalition

Tree Smart Trade Initiative – Gary Lovett, Senior Scientist, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

Indiana Policies and Practices – Phil Marshall, Forest Health Specialist, Indiana Division of Forestry

CAFP report & re-organization – Faith Campbell, Vice President, Center for Invasive Species Prevention