October 5-6th 2011

Millennium Harvest House | Boulder, CO

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Panel #1: Applying What We Know to Managing the Firewood Pathway

Panel #2: Climate Change Impacts on Forests and the Spread of Invasives

  • Modeling Likelihood of Pest in Various Parts of the Country
    Rob Venette, USFS Northern Research Station
  • Insect and Plant Interactions in the Context of Carbon Levels in the Atmosphere
    Evan DeLucia, University of Illinois
  • Relationship of Climate Change and Exotic Forests Pests (no presentation slides available)
    Troy Weldy, The Nature Conservancy (on behalf of Frank Lowenstein, The Nature Conservancy)

Panel #3: Technology Applications for Managing Invasives

Panel #4: Collaborative Efforts on Various Non-Native Forest Insects and Disease – Successes, Failures, and Opportunities

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